2003: Lightkeeper, dimmer, based on Z-wave. 2018 optional: WiFi and Lora



2016: IoT solution for summerhouse rental, with indoor climate control and energy readings.

2017: Meditation and mindfulness app with bio- and neuro tracking and AI 

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2000: telemetric services for oil business, based on 433 mHz. 2017: wMbus, 2018: Lora

2017: Digital door lock, surveillance and energy management IoT solution and app.

2018: EasyOne, multifunctional, multiprotocol Linux based gateway with an app. 

2003: Electronic Housekeeper, multifunctional Windows based gateway with 7" touch panel.

We have been working with IoT and ERP solutions since 1992, with more than 5.000 sites installed and 25.000 planned for 2018-2020.

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We have been working with app developments since 2002. We use webbased and Xamarin as cross platform tools

2003: Switchkeeper, multifunctional switch, based on Z-wave. 2018 optional: WiFi and Lora

2010: Bridgekeeper. Bridge for circuit breaker panel control and energy management.